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Institutional Information: Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi, Film Tasarımı Ve Yönetmenliği Bölümü, Kurgu Ses Ve Görüntü Yönetimi Anasanat Dalı
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He was born in 1988 in Kayseri. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Kayseri, he graduated from Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty Cinema and TV Department undergraduate program in 2012. In 2014, he completed Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Institute Film Design Master's program with his thesis on 'Frankfurt School and Dystopias in Cinema'. In 2019, he received the title of PhD in the same program. In this process, due to his interest in blockchain technology, he edited some joint books by translating articles both in the field of blockchain and in the fields of cinema-technology and film theory. He is currently working as a assistant professor at Dokuz Eylül University Fine Arts Faculty, Editing Sound and Cinematography Department, and also doing research as a visiting researcher at Düsseldorf HHU University. Continuing his career by publishing articles and translations, Altınkaya continues to provide consultancy to communities and startups in the field of blockchain, as well as the producer of the podcast 'Super Panoptikon'.


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