Molecular complex states and intersubband transitions in a quantum ring under Gaussian repulsive potential


European Physical Journal Plus, vol.139, no.3, 2024 (SCI-Expanded) identifier


In this work, the electronic structure and intersubband transitions of a singly ionized double-donor system in a GaAs quantum ring defined by a Gaussian-type potentials are investigated theoretically. Within the framework of the effective mass approach, energy spectrum and corresponding wave functions are obtained from the solution of the Schrödinger equation by using the two-dimensional diagonalization method. The results show that the energy spectrum and optical absorption coefficient of the ring are affected significantly by the parameters defining the confinement potential and internuclear distance. In general, we conclude that the structural parameters of quantum rings and the configuration of donor atoms can be used as tunability parameter for the electronic structure and optical response of quantum ring systems with molecular complexes.