Stage of maturity, processing, and hybrid effects on ruminal in situ disappearance of whole-plant corn silage

Bal M. A., Shaver R., Shinners K., Coors J., Lauer J., Straub R., ...More

ANIMAL FEED SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, vol.86, no.1-2, pp.83-94, 2000 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier identifier


Five in situ trials with whole-plant corn silage (WPCS) were conducted in two ruminally-cannulated Holstein cows to determine 24-h ruminal disappearance of dry matter (DM), starch, and neutral detergent fiber (NDF). In Trial 1, the effect of maturity of WPCS on ruminal nutrient disappearance was evaluated. Treatments were early dent (ED), 1/4 milk-line (1/4 ML), 2/3 milk-line (2/3 ML), and black-layer (BL) stage of maturity. Ruminal disappearance of DM was lower (p<0.01) for BL (474 g/kg) than ED (547 g/kg), 1/4 ML (579 g/kg), or 2/3 ML (530 g/kg). Ruminal starch disappearance was lower (p<0.01) for BL (862 g/kg) than ED, 1/4 ML, or 2/3 ML which averaged 950 g/kg. In Trial 2, the effect of mechanical processing of mature and immature WPCS and stover silage at harvest was evaluated. Processing increased (p<0.01) ruminal starch disappearance for both immature (844 vs. 664 g/kg) and mature (790 vs. 525 g/kg) WPCS. In Trial 3, two WPCS hybrids (grain vs. leafy) at two plant populations (low=59,000 or high=79,000 plants/ha) were evaluated. Type of hybrid or plant population did not affect DM or NDF disappearance. However, starch disappearance was higher (p<0.01) for the leafy hybrid (872 vs, 731 g/kg). In Trial 4, brown-midrib (BMR) corn harvested as WPCS was evaluated for ruminal nutrient disappearance versus a conventional grain hybrid. Ruminal DM (602 vs. 561 g/kg) and NDF (326 vs. 220 g/kg) disappearance were higher (p<0.01) for BMR. In Trial 5, ruminal nutrient disappearance of high- and low-NDF corn silage hybrids were compared. Ruminal DM (662 vs, 620 g/kg) and starch (987 vs. 950 g/kg) disappearance were higher, but NDF disappearance was lower (176 vs. 225 g/kg) for the low-NDF hybrid (p<0.001). In summary, delaying silage harvest to BL reduced ruminal nutrient disappearance. Mechanical processing increased ruminal disappearance of WPCS, primarily through greater ruminal starch disappearance. Ruminal starch and NDF disappearance were higher for leafy and BMR hybrids, respectively, relative to a conventional grain hybrid. Ruminal DM disappearance was increased for a low-NDF hybrid, but effects were positive for starch and negative for NDF disappearance. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.