Rotational atherectomy treatment before drug-eluting stent implantation in severe calcific coronary lesion

Kış M., Barış N.

Cardiovascular surgery and interventions, vol.10, no.1, pp.58-62, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Rotational atherectomy can effectively destroy calcified plaques and facilitate stent insertion and expansion in many cases. In this article, we present a successful application of rotational atherectomy with rotablator and drug-eluting stent implantation treatment in a 43-year-old male patient with severe calcific stenosis in the right coronary artery that could not be dilated with a high-pressure balloon. During the follow-up, the patient did not have any complaints as long as he was hospitalized, and no recent adverse events, such as acute stent thrombosis and bleeding, were observed.