Improving the flame retardancy properties of PLA/PC blends

SEKİ Y., Saglam M., Aker S., Isbilir A., SARIKANAT M., Altay L.

Advanced Industrial and Engineering Polymer Research, 2023 (Scopus) identifier


Polylactic acid/Polycarbonate (PLA/PC) blend was prepared via twin screw extruder by taking the bio-based content as much as possible and the better mechanical, thermal, and impact properties into consideration. Flame retardant (FR) performance of the PLA/PC blend was improved by using the mixture of ammonium polyphosphate, triphenyl phosphate, and zinc borate. FR properties of PLA/PC blend was evaluated according to the UL 94 test standard. The variations in tensile and flexural strength, and Izod-notched impact strength values were determined. In order to reduce the total amount of flame retardant additive, instead of using a mixture of TPP and APP (weight ratio of 2/1) at 21 wt% weight fraction, 1 wt% Zinc borate together with 18 wt% TPP-APP mixture was used and obtained V0 rating for the thickness of 1.5 mm. It was reported that weight fraction of flame retardant additives (APP and TPP) was successfully reduced by using a mixture of APP, TPP and ZnB without degrading the mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strengths. Using less total FR additive weight (19 wt%) led to 15 and 24% higher tensile and flexural strength values, respectively, compared to higher FR additive weight (21 wt%).