University Students’ Attitudes Towards Online Exam During the Pandemic: The Case of a State University in Türkiye

Arslan K.

Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, vol.11, no.4, pp.277-290, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This  study  aims  to  investigate  students’  attitudes  changes  in  line  with  midterm  and final exams and to determine their attitudes towards online exams by gender, age, department, and their hometown, and to analyze their opinions about this type of exam mode. The research was conducted at a state university in Türkiyeduring  the  2021  fall  semester.  The  sample  consisted  of  101  university  students  taking Information Technology course from Art Teaching, Social Studies Teaching, and Pre-School Teaching Departments. The research has been designed a mixed-method study including both quantitative (students' attitudes after midterm and final  exams)  and  qualitative  data  (students’  opinions  about  online  exams).  The  quantitative  results  showed  there  was  no  statistically  significant  difference  in  students' attitudes after midterm and final exams. There was also no significant difference in the attitude scores by gender, age, and region. However, statistically significant  differences  were  found  by  major  department  for  some  of  the  sub-factors  of  the  questionnaire.  The  qualitative  results  showed  that  most  students  found online assessment advantageous, comfortable, and practical. On the other hand, the majority of the students pointed out time management and potential technicalproblems that may occur during the implementation of the exam.