Research on the report of Professor Rostafinski as a sample of scientific cooperation in animal breeding in the first years of the Republic of Turkey

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Menteş Gürler A., Yiğit A., Sanal Ş.

KAFKAS UNIVERSITESI VETERINER FAKULTESI DERGISI, vol.23, no.3, pp.491-495, 2017 (SCI-Expanded)


Reconstructing the veterinary services was added to the agenda at the (National) Economy Congress in Izmir in 1923. Scientists from abroad were invited for their advice on animal diseases and animal breeding. Polish Professor Rostafinski was invited by Şükrü Kaya, the Minister of Agriculture during that period. Rostafinski came to Turkey in November 1924. After his researches on husbandry in Western Anatolia, he presented his opinions in a 31- page report to the Ministry of Agriculture. He advised that pedigree records of horses should be tracked, horse raising should be adopted as a government policy. For cattle, it is important to determine the needs of the peasants. This study aims to identify the husbandry conditions in that period concerning the report on the husbandry in Western Anatolia.