Effects of plaster choice on conservation of the original acoustical character of historical mosques

Yelkenci Sert F., Yılmaz Karaman Ö.

Grid - architecture, planning and design journal (Online), vol.6, no.1, pp.309-340, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The study aims to contribute acoustic characteristics of two monumental mosques in Western Anatolia: focusing on the change of material properties of the prayer hall and its effects on the perceived acoustical environment during history. Preserving the authentic auditory environments of historical mosques has great importance. Because the acoustical perception of the prayer hall affects users as much as their visual perception. Field measurements and acoustical simulations were held in two historical mosques with similar room volumes but different dome combinations to compare the present and probable original acoustical environments. The values of T30, EDT and STI are investigated by focusing on the change of plaster properties during restoration works. It is found that the original mortars could be differentiated for both cases and they might sound very different when the time they were first built. Acoustic documentation of such important historical monuments of Anatolia is quite a good contribution to the field of archaeoacoustics and historical conservation. However, the study focused on the change of material properties. The findings of the paper can raise the question; of whether it is possible to comment on the originality of materials of a historical space by measuring its current acoustical character.