The Effect of Carbon Dioxide Clearance on Clinical Prognosis in Patient With Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure

Karslı E., Colak N., Anbarlı Metin D., Bayram B., Ellidokuz H.

Anatolian Journal of Emergency Medicine, vol.3, no.3, pp.3, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Introduction Hypercapnic respiratory failure is defined as carbon dioxide (CO2) level >45 mmHg. High PaCO2 levels are related with increased mortality in acute exacerbation of COPD. In our study, we purposed to determine CO2 clearence value for predicting patients prognosis. Methods 68 patients were included in the study. Patients were divided in two groups according to outcome as good and bad prognosis group. Patients demographic information, comorbidities, vital parameters, on admission (first measurement) and in first sixth hour (second measurement) blood gas results, treatment given, and outcomes were saved to data form. Association between CO2 change and outcome was evaluated. Results There was no statistically significant difference in CO2 clearance and delta CO2 levels between the good and poor prognosis groups (11.7±12 vs 6.2 ± 23, p=0.205 and 11.8±12.9 mmHg vs -7.7±24.8 mmHg, p=0.281 respectively). NaHCO3 and pCO2 levels in second measurement was higher than first measurement in good prognosis group (23.9 ±5.3, 25.8±4.4, p