The Impact Of Regular Exercise On Women's Overall Health And Welness: A Narrative Review


Journal of Gynecology and Womens Health, vol.24, no.1, pp.1-3, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Abstract Background: In this study, it is aimed to emphasize that regular physical activity plays a very active role in the metabolic balance to improve blood levels of many hormonal and biochemical indicators and in terms of women’s overall health. Materials and Methods: In the search for scientific literature for this review, data from the US National Library of Medicine (PubMed), MEDLINE, and SportDiscus were used, and the terms “weight management”, “obesity”, “physical activity”, “metabolic diseases”, and “women’s health” were used. The relevant literature has also taken its source from the research of relevant articles from reference lists derived from data searches Results: Obesity is a disease that requires prevention and treatment to normalize life standards in terms of women’s health, both by itself and accompanying many metabolic diseases it causes. For this reason, professional support is required for individuals with chronic obesity and obesity candidates, as well as for individuals with advanced obesity. Therefore, awareness should be raised that regular physical activity can optimize the chance of obesity treatment in the prevention and treatment of obesity. Conclusion: In terms of women’s health, regular exercise is critical for the proper functioning of the metabolism and the prevention and treatment of overweight, obesity, and many chronic diseases that have been common in recent years. For a healthy life, it will be possible to protect and improve overall health by consuming natural and healthy food and being physically active using a regular physical exercise that will lead to successful weight management. Keywords: Physical activity; Women’s health; Weight management; Metabolic diseases; obesity