Gene Targeting and Transgenic Models Platform

Generation of knockout and knockin mouse models:

Our research platform invites researchers to collaborate with us for the generation of knockout and knockin mouse models for their favourite genes. We offer collaborations starting from initial planning and vector design stage to the final establishment of a genetically modified mouse colony.

We have, quite recently, created our first knockin mouse model for a new rare genetic disorder (see News tab). We are currently developing several transgenic disease models. We are ready to collaborate with interested partners who need to generate novel genetically modified mouse models.

Mouse embryo cryopreservation and rederivation:

The technological infrastructure for embryo cryopreservation and rederivation has been recently completed. After establishment of the relevant protocols, we will provide services to internal and external users who wish to store their transgenic mouse strains long term.

SERVICES - Currently provided

Services we currently provide are listed below. Please contact us via e-mail for further details and conditions of the services.

1. Knockout (indel)

2. Knockout (deletion)

3. Knockin (point mutations)

4. Knockin (epitope tags)

5. ESC gene targeting

SERVICES - In development

The services listed below are within our technical epertise,  although we do not routinely apply these protocols.

1. Sperm cryopreservation

2. Embryo cryopreservation

3. IVF (in vitro fertilization)

4. Embryo transfer and mouse strain rederivation

5. ESC microinjection

6. PNI (pronuclear injection)