Solving the flexible job shop scheduling and lot streaming problem with setup and transport resource constraints

Yunusoglu P., Yıldız Ş. A.

International Journal of Systems Science: Operations and Logistics, vol.10, no.1, 2023 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


This article addresses the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling and Lot Streaming Problem (FJSSP-LS) under setup and transport resource constraints. While the related literature emphasises the lot streaming policy for time-based objectives, setup and transport resource constraints were not considered simultaneously with this policy, limiting the resulting schedule's applicability in practice. For this reason, we propose a novel Constraint Programming (CP) model enriched by an efficient variable and value ordering strategy specifically designed for the FJSSP-LS with resource constraints. We also present a CP-based iterative improvement method, CP-based Large Neighbourhood Search (CP-based LNS), that focuses on exploring large neighbourhoods through the CP model. Both models are initially tested for the FJSSP and have been shown to provide the best solutions to well-known benchmark instances. Next, they are used for the FJSSP-LS, and the proposed CP-based LNS improves the objective function value by 4.68 percent on average compared to the CP model for the generated test problems.