The Place and Importance of Earth Markets Within Scope of Eco Gastronomy The Example of Foça Earth Market


International Journal of Applied Science and Technology, vol.4, no.2, pp.243-251, 2014 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Eco-gastronmy can be explained as a process that all social, psychological, cultural and political elements contain production, selling and consumption of agriculture and food. As a project of Slow Food, Earth Markets are international market networks which are suitable for good, clean, fair policy of Slow Food in Earth Markets. Furthermore, attention is paid for the prices will be attainable. Eco-gastronmy supports the production of agriculture and food; prevents the nongenıine production; increases attractiveness; strengthens the local community and local pride; constructs the identity and brand based on food experimentation. Additionally, ecogastronomy covers the subjects of local food production, keeping alive grocery stones, cherishing the production of home cooking, giving children the flavors education, ensuring the happiness and diversity rights, providing the positive effect of gastronomic tourism on prosperity of the community. Moreover, according to eco-gastronomy, it is important to buy local product, support the local farmers and the stream of the local economy, provide job opportunities, strengthen the relationship between agriculture and tourism empower the local agriculture and food industry, present the local brands and products. As shown, the place of Earth Markets in eco-gastronomy is quite big. This study aims at analyzing the place and importance of the Earth Markets in eco-gastronomy. There are 33 Earth Markets in the world readily and Foça Earth Market is one them. For this reason, Foça Earth Market is examplified. In the research part of this study, the method will be face to face interviews with the authorities of Foça Earth Market, representatives of Slow Food and local government.