Sosyal Bilimlerde Cumhuriyet'in Yüz Yıllık Birikimi

Şahin M. C. (Executive), YILDIRIM F. (Executive)

Project Supported by Other Private Institutions, 2023 - 2023

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Other Private Institutions
  • Begin Date: February 2023
  • End Date: November 2023

Project Abstract

The main theme of this project is a general evaluation of the research and studies carried out in social sciences during the Republic period in Turkey. Based on this issue, the aim of this project is to reveal our country's hundred years of experience in the field of social sciences. This study aims to help new and young researchers, especially in the field of social sciences, get to know the Turkish social science tradition and gain a general perspective on it. This project, which covers fifteen sub-disciplines in social sciences, requires a comprehensive and careful research process. Thus, a source work that will provide comprehensive information to the Turkish social science community on the centenary of the Republic will emerge.